Here we have included some of our current and past projects. We are happy to discuss any project with you in detail.  South Carolina Lightning Protection currently works in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida.
A few of our projects:
Charleston International Airport
GenEarth: Bioenergy Power Plant
Swansea High School
Winn Army Hospital
Blackbaud, Inc.
Moncrief Army Hospital
St. Peter's Lutheran Church
Trinity United Methodist
1398 Smythe St.
137 Flyway
1389 Smythe St.
1816 Charity Church
7 Turtle Beach Ln.
2923 Deer Pointe
35 Krier Ln.
20 Iron Bottom
108 Salthouse
62 Surfsong
9 Falcon Pt.
7 Hazelhurst
37 King St.
271 Pelican Watch
114 Ithecaw Creek
118 Ithecaw Creek
121 Blue Heron
29 Surfsong
2978 River Vista Way   
#4 42nd Ave.
1348 Muller Rd.
2102 Palm Blvd.
1850 Flag St.
808 Star of the West
210 Chinaberry
2245 Shoreline Dr.
323  Palm Warbler
2624 Myrtle Ave.
96 Bass Creek
7662 Little Britton Rd.
Most homeowners are aware that many insurance policies may reduce the insurance premium on a home with Lightning Protection; but did you know that some homeowner insurance policies will actually cover some of a homeowner's out of pocket expense to install a Lightning Protection System?  We have worked with homeowners recently that mentioned their insurance providers were helping them pay for the Lightning Protection system.  
  We have been in this business since 2001. 
 We have protected over 1 billion dollars of personal property.
South Carolina Lightning Protection 
"We are very happy with Robbie and the crew at South Carolina Lightning Protection. Their work is first class and done in a timely manner. Our homeowners on Brays Island have been very impressed with South Carolina Lightning Protection's quality." 

  Bill Burdick, VP & COO 
Willis Sinclair Homes
Check out SC Lightning's Newsletters:
"Fully satisfied with the work completed by SCLP. They patiently answered our many questions and started and completed work according to schedule. Staff was great to work with. Would highly recommend SCLP to anyone concerned about protecting their home from this type of damage." 

Janice and Len Brooks
Daniel Island, September 2009
"We install lightning protection on all of our homes. It is amazing that people who live near the ocean or marsh in an area prone to thunderstorms would ever consider being without. In regards to the installation, it is critically important that the installation is done correctly (you don't want to find out that it was installed improperly because by then it is probably too late). We use SC Lighning Protection because not only have we seen their professional installations, but they also provide an Underwriters Laboratory certificate assuring us that the system was installed properly. I also like using SC Lightning Protection because of their passion and knowledge of the entire subject of lightning protection. As a techie nurd myself, it is important to me that they have the technical knowledge to answer any of my questions in depth about the installation, etc. of the system."

Daniel Buffington
Buffington Homes
"Robbie and his team did a professional job in installing lightning protection at my residence. We were able to get a significant reduction on our homeowners thru Pure. Thanks to Robbie alerting me to the potential for the insurance reduction."

Michael D Dorton

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UL Master Label Certificates received by SC Lightning 
for residential and commercial lightning protection systems from:
South Carolina Lightning Protection and the Town of Mt. Pleasant Announce June as Lightning Safety Awareness Month!
South Carolina     Lightning Protection, Inc. 
This is a letter that we received from Pure Insurance:
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